Our school, previously named ‘The Susan Holman School of Dance’ has been established for over 45 years and was founded in 1971 by Miss Holman.  

Miss Sharon was a pupil of Miss Holman’s since 1975 and had been teaching alongside her since 1995.  
Miss Ellie joined the school as pupil in 1994 and joined the teaching staff in 2010. 
After many years of success, Miss Holman retired from teaching in July 2016 and we were both honoured to be offered the opportunity to take over the school and our own personal mission since that time, has been to further its potential and growth. 
Our very first step (if you pardon the pun!) was to give the school a new vibe and identity, so that is how the name change came about and so in August 2016, ‘STUDIO4DANCE’ was formed. 
Since that time, we are extremely proud that we have succeeded in our aim to grow the school to over 160 students with our numbers rising all the time. 
Due to the increase in student numbers, in September 2017 we appointed Miss Hollie Dawson who joined us to teach all our R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) Ballet and Pointe Ballet classes and by having another teacher on board, this has enabled us to add more classes (currently 37 per week) across a wider spectrum of dance genres i.e. Musical Theatre, Acrobatic Art and not one, but five Street Dance Classes! 
'S4D' is the place to be! 


We are both kind, dedicated, hard-working, fun-loving and energetic and it is our aim to motivate, encourage and inspire your child, to ensure that, as well as concentrating on technique, your child is here to enjoy learning to dance, to grow in self–confidence and to achieve high levels of success. 
At ‘studio4dance’ we recognise that all children love to dance but in the beginning, they want to join in purely just for fun! Then it’s about learning new moves, making new friends and keeping fit and healthy too. 
Children of all ages and abilities are nurtured to progress to achieve their own personal best. And it is during our annual show in the spring, which is the pinnacle of the school year, parents, family and friends can see for themselves just how much the child has learnt and how they love to perform. 
So if you want your child to enjoy learning the love of dance in a safe, friendly and nurturing environment – please bring them along to join the ‘STUDIO4DANCE’ family! 


My girls love dancing @ STUDIO4DANCE UK. Over the years they've done mime, jazz, tap, modern & ballet and they enjoy showing off their skills in exams. Fabulous shows for the whole family to watch and be proud of. I highly recommended STUDIO4DANCE UK 
Olivia G 
My daughter has been dancing here since she was 3 years old and loves it, not stressed by exams and becomes more excited every year for the show 
Kayleigh B 
I love dancing at STUDIO4DANCE it's really friendly and the dances are brilliant 
Jemima aged 11 



STUDIO4DANCE generally runs alongside the local school authority’s timetable and we invoice six times per annum i.e. every half term via email. 
The parents/guardians enter into a full terms' commitment and all lessons must be paid for irrespective of attendance. 
Late Payment: 
Any payments not received by the payment due date, which is always the 28th day of each month, will incur a late payment fee of £5 - no exceptions. 


We believe that the appearance of our students should reflect the standards of ‘STUDIO4DANCE’ 
and for this reason, we have a strict uniform code 
All hair should be tied back off the face prior to commencement of the lesson. 
All jewellery should be removed however, stud earrings and watches may be worn. 
Only ‘studio4dance’ t-shirts are permitted. 
Only ‘studio4dance’ hoodies may be worn. They are allowed to be kept on for the warm-up and then must be removed when asked. 
All students must wear a black leotard and black tights (girls), black ‘studio4dance’ t-shirt or plain black vest and black jazz pants (boys). 
No crop tops are allowed. 
No branded sportswear is allowed. 
Students must wear appropriate shoes for the relevant lesson and all RAD students from Grade One upwards must have their own character skirt (girls) and their own character shoes. 

Any questions? Contact us 

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